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Hey Kiddo!

Welcome to A Little Hypnosis! 

First of all, thank you for listening to Newsie’s Nook!  Ever since we had the chance to sit down with Newsie in June 2022 to talk about hypnosis, we’ve had a special place in our hearts and community for the amazing information that hits our ears every week from the host, Newsie! That’s why we decided to sponsor the show for a few weeks! 

If you haven’t listened to other episodes, we recommend heading back to your podcasting platform of choice and listening to the previous episodes.  There’s always something to learn and explore! 

As a thank you for supporting Newsie’s Nook and the ABDL Community, we’d like to offer you this special Newsie’s Nook Discount!  Book through the button below and save $20 on your initial assessment!  The first appointment is very important to start you off on your hypnotherapy journey, because we have the chance to get to know you and the way your brain works.  After that, we take the information gathered and start working on your goals (whatever those may be). 

Save $20 by using this button to book!  Normally, the charge is $80 for the first session.  Thanks to Newsie’s Nook, you can book for just $60!