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A Little Hypnosis, LLC

A Kink Focused, Therapeutic Approach to The Mind
"Trust your unconscious, it knows more than you!"
~Dr. Milton H. Erickson

Welcome to A Little Hypnosis!

As you read the words on this page, the information is being funneled into your mind.  What you do with that information is highly decided by a part of your mind that handles so much more than you can imagine – your unconscious mind.  

One things that we often tell our clients is that reality is what your brain perceives as real.  For this reason, each person will individually see the images on this page in a distinctly unique way.  No two people will perceive something EXACTLY the same.  That is because the unconscious part of your mind is what will translate all of the input that you receive into thought, beliefs, and understanding. 

You don’t have to think about your heart beating to ensure that it is beating.  Your brain will handle that all on its own!  In the same way, there are countless things happening in your mind that you aren’t “thinking” about with your conscious mind.  That’s where hypnosis and hypnotherapy can help! 

When most people think of hypnosis, they’re thinking of the stage version where we see people do funny things based on suggestions that are given to them by someone who has “control” of their mind.  That’s not actually an accurate depiction of what hypnosis and/or hypnotherapy are.  Those things seem very interesting, but what change is really made?  How is the subject’s life made whole?  Aside from a few laughs and the excitement of an experience, there really isn’t a benefit.  

What we do here at A Little Hypnosis is significantly different.  Sure, there are similarities because there are standard avenues to find ourselves in a hypnotic state of mind, but the differences are much greater.  Here, we are working to take our knowledge of the unconscious mind and translate it into helping others achieve their goals, live a better life, and accept who they are in a meaningful way.  

One of the things that we often get asked is why our hypnotherapy and interventions work when it comes to the kink community so well.  That’s actually the easiest one to answer.  For most of our lives, we are told that sex in general – especially things that don’t meet the societal standard of “normal” – is something dirty, to be hidden, and shameful.  

Years of that being conditioned into our brains creates a stigma around the kink community.  Even subtle things, such as someone referring to a kink as “weird” has an unconscious effect on us.  As those build up, the brain learns that it’s wrong to enjoy something, be attracted to a certain thing, or engage in certain types of play.  

Through therapeutic techniques in hypnotherapy, we are able to adjust the brain’s perception of those things allowing for a much easier ability to enjoy, not only our kinks, but our own freedom and growth.  

While we started working within the AB/DL Community, we have grown in our own knowledge of the Kink Community and designed specific interventions that can help anyone learn to love who they are, without shame, guilt, or fear – through the use of hypnosis and these therapeutic techniques.  

A Little Hypnosis is the perfect place to start your journey – without judgement – to accept who you are and enjoy your kinky side!  Whether you are having trouble experiencing a certain headspace, physical issues relating to diapers, fear of letting to of your inhibitions, or work through trauma – we are here to help you move forward to be the most authentic person you can be! 

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