If you are looking to work on your goals long term, there’s no reason to pay full price! Since we started our practice, we noticed that many clients book multiple appointments at a time. We’d love to reward you for your support and commitment to your own growth by offering packages that you can purchase to not only work on your goals, but save money while doing it! 

Session Bundles are a great way to save at A Little Hypnosis! When you purchase a session bundle, you will be given a link within 24 hours of your purchase that let’s you book on your own terms. No need to look for your credit card to set up your next appointment with session bundles! Your link will allow you to book your appointments without needing to provide payment because you’ve already bought them! You just book when you’re ready! You can enjoy the same great service while saving on each session. 

If you don’t find one that works for your needs, we can even create a custom bundle for you! All you need to do is contact us using the “Contact Us” page and tell us about your needs! Our staff will work to get you a bundle that matches your personal needs and you can enjoy the ease of booking on your own terms! Take a look at the bundles below! 

Current Client Bundles

New Client Bundles