Learn About The Changes to A Little Hypnosis

As with anything in life, sometimes we need to make changes. At A Little Hypnosis, we’ve been hard at work in making our services even better, and more accessible for our current clients AND our new clients! Below, please take a look at some of the changes we’ve made and we will update this as even more upgrades to our practice, all with the goal of serving you better! 

Appointment Booking changes

  • By popular demand, you can book multiple appointments in one go! After making some updates and upgrades to our booking software, you don’t have to go through the process of booking one appointment, reloading the page and booking the next! You can book multiple appointments and pay for them all at once! It’s out hope that this will make the website user experience smoother for all clients, as well as our staff. If you’re on our Financial Assistance Program, you can do this too, as your Financial Assistance Coupon will work on each of the services you are booking. (Please note, we reserve the right to limit the amount of bookings that can be done at one time) 

Session Bundle Changes

  • Those same upgrades also helped us upgrade the system for Session Bundles! Now, you can purchase a bundle of sessions at one time and use them as you see fit. These changes will be available immediately without having to wait for a special coupon to access your session booking. So, rather than ordering a bundle, waiting for the 24 hour response time, and then booking, you can simply purchase your bundles at the same great discounts and start booking from your Client Portal right away. Those who purchased bundles before will still utilize the coupon issued at your time of purchase, but moving forward will be able to access the session booking right away. We hope that this will make the user experience smoother for you and give added benefit to saving money with our session bundles! 

New Services Are Available

As we continue to grow with our clients, we are always looking for adding services that our community requests at the same great pricing that you have been used to! In speaking with our clients and the community at large, it occurred to us that our session types were slightly confusing at best, and limiting at worst. With the goal of ensuring that our community is served well, we’ve added the following services:

  • New Client Appointments

    • Intake Evaluation ($45)
      Sometimes, clients don’t have the time to sit with their new hypnotherapist for two hours, while for others, the price of a 2 hour session has been limiting. We’re introducing a second option for starting with us! The Intake Evaluation will cover everything that we accomplish in the first hour of the Initial Assessment. So, we will discuss hypnotherapy, answer questions, tell you about us and how we work, discuss the needs of the client, and assess the best methods of hypnotherapy for the client. There will be no hypnosis done during this appointment, but will unlock your ability to book any of our services.

  • Standard Hypnotherapy

    • Therapeutic Mindscaping ($50)
      Many of our clients have experienced Mindscaping in the past as part of our Standard Session. Now, we will begin offering this services as a stand-alone appointment, allowing us to focus more closely on the benefits of Mindscaping. The Mindscaping protocol was developed by world-renowned hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, Dr. Mike Mandel. This type of hypnotherapy utilizes your unconscious mind’s understanding of each and every neural pathway in your brain, allowing you to make changes to obstacles and forge a path ahead to completion of your goals. 

    • Indirect Hypnosis ($55)
      While Indirect Hypnosis is not utilizing traditional trance as you would have in a regular session, the change work remains the same. Have you ever been so involved in a conversation that you don’t notice the world around you as you engage in deep discussion? It’s a lot like that! Indirect Hypnosis (also known as Conversational Hypnosis) is a core part of hypnotherapy developed by Dr. Milton Erickson. He would use a regular conversation with someone to help them achieve their goals, get over habits, and so much more. Indirect Hypnosis is also a great way to work toward goals when someone is a little unsure about traditional hypnosis or they have concerns about going in to trance due to fear or any other barrier to traditional trance. So, let’s have a conversation about your goals and watch how they begin to be in reach in a different way! 

  • Miscellaneous Services

    • Talk Sessions ($40)
      Sometimes, it’s hard to get to the hypnosis part of change work toward goals because it seems so foreign to be talking to someone about kinks, fetishes, sexual freedom, and so much more. This new type of session is a great opportunity to become more comfortable with discussing these things, all while letting the pressure of these topics lose the power to keep you from growing and achieving your goals. While this may seem simple, sometimes it is the exact key that someone needs. The topic of the session is whatever you need to discuss! You’ll talk about what’s on your mind while we discuss and let you get the feedback you need. Please note, though, with this new offering, we are not providing psychotherapy. This service is not intended to replace psychotherapy, talk therapy, or other traditional medical or mental health service. 

    • Graphology Analysis ($40)
      Did you know that your handwriting says a lot about the way you think? Your personality, your struggles, your strengths and your baseline mindset are all coded into the letters on a page. Handwriting is not just a form of outward communication. It is a two-way communication directly with your unconscious mind. Since it is a two-way communication, it means that you can make changes simply through your handwriting as well. With this new service, our certified hypnotherapists, who are all trained in graphology analysis, will ask you to submit a sample of your handwriting for analysis. Prior to your appointment, that sample will be reviewed and at your scheduled session, the hypnotherapist will go over the results with you. This is not just about learning the unconscious things your handwriting says about you; the session will also stress ways that you can make changes to that handwriting to effect change in the unconscious to develop stronger communication skills and build internal resources for every part of your life! 

Use Your voice! Let us know what you need at ALH

We’d love to hear what you would like to see at A Little Hypnosis! Use the form below to send us suggestions for making our services better and more accessible. This is not a guarantee, but it is a chance for you to have your voice heard about what you, and the community as a whole, need from us as we work toward your goals becoming reality.