If you’ve found yourself on this page, chances are you need no explanation as to what AB/DL is, but for those that do not know these letters stand for Adult Baby/Diaper Lover.  For those outside of this community, it may seem that this is a strange world to have stumbled on, but this is a community of individuals that are often misunderstood.  

While AB/DL means different things to different people, for the most part, these are activities and actions that provide a sense of both comfort and care in their life.  For someone who is a Diaper Lover, perhaps the act of wearing a diaper may simply take away one simple stressor, allowing them to be able to be calm and comforted.  

Much in the same way, for those on the Adult Baby (AB) side of this community, that comfort is found not only in the act of wearing diapers, but also in the regression from adult life to the simplistic, safe, and comforting world of childhood or infancy.  Of course, these are the most basic and simple of aspects within the Community, and every single person is an individual and their draw to these things can and will differ.  That’s what makes the AB/DL Community so amazing – it’s filled with diversity and acceptance abounds!

The AB/DL Community consists of consenting adults and is in no way involving minors.  We strongly believe that those engaging in AB/DL in their lives should be of legal consenting age for adults and exploring within their own comfort.

Regardless of where on the spectrum you fall, at A Little Hypnosis, we are dedicated to utilizing the science and art of hypnosis to improve the lives of all.  We started our practice with the community in mind and strive to provide services that allow everyone the opportunity to experience the life-changing help of hypnotherapy.   

Seeing the need for the community to access affordable hypnotic services, this site was designed to share our services with you, and help you through your journey – whether that be with Diaper Training, Little Space Regression, or issues outside of the AB/DL world such as Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Self-Esteem, Anxiety, or Pain Management.  

We are happy to offer: