Our New Booking Software Client Profile

As we grow, our system must grow with us. That’s not an easy task! The software that we had been using since we opened Hypnosis412 was glitchy, but it worked for us for the most part. In February 2024, the price increase of that software was over 200%, so rather than raising our prices to match that cost, we began working with an alternative program. There are bumps in the road any time that you upgrade a system or bring new parts into the mix, but we are confident that our new software will help us serve you even better than before! 

With new systems, there is always a learning curve. We wanted to provide the following screenshots to help you become familiar with the Client Portal that the software works with. This portal will allow you to see your bookings, make changes if needed, and is also the new home of the Google Meet joining link. Previously, this was sent on the day of your appointment via an invite by Google Calendar. Those emails will no longer be going out, as the software is able to house this information for you. 

The Client Login link at the top of the pages can get you to this screen. Here, you can enter your login details and get access to your account. 

Once you are logged in, you will see the appointments screen by default. Here, you can see your information and make changes, if needed, by choosing the pencil icon. 

You can choose this menu to see more information about your appointment. 

To update your contact information, or change your password – visit the “My Profile” page.

If you have any trouble with the system, please reach out to your hypnotherapist directly or send an email to support@alittlehypnosis.com