Hypnosis Education

  • Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy
  • International Hypnosis Association

Hypnosis Education

  • Certified Neo-Ericksonian Hypnotist, Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy
  • Certified Hypnotherapist, International Hypnosis Association
  • Certified Professional Hypnotist, International Credentialing Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy

Important Notice

We practice in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As of now, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has not adopted standards of training, registration, or licensure in the field of Hypnosis. Hypnotism is a self-regulated profession in this state, and as such, does not require a license or registration. Our hypnotists are certified by independent associations, but it should not be assumed that these certifications are recognized by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We do not provide medical care, nor are we authorized to diagnose, treat, or give recommendations regarding medical needs. Each client has a right to safety during sessions, and after. Therefore, clients can expect the right to privacy during session, privacy of their records, as well as the ability to refuse service at any time, should they feel the need to do so. Clients have the right to know the expected time commitment of any service, and may assert that right at anytime before or during session without fear of retaliation.

Client Policies, Rights and Responsibilities

Clients must provide a 24-hour notice for cancellation or reschedule. Refunds are not given for cancellations or reschedules at any time. However, the payment made for the cancelled session will be applied to the next session if 24 hour notice has been given. If no reschedule is made within 90 days, client forfeits the right to transfer funds paid to a future appointment for cancelled appointments. Sessions canceled or rescheduled without the 24-hour required notice of cancellation will forfeit the ability to apply payment toward a future appointment. Clients are provided this information on their first session, so continued services are rendered with this information agreed to by the client and the hypnotist. On the rare occasion that a scheduled appointment must be rescheduled due to an emergency with the hypnosis professional, regardless of time, the session fee will be applied to the rescheduled date. In the same light, if a client has missed the 24 hour cancellation due to an emergency, please reach out to us and we may be able to waive the 24 hour notice; however this is not guaranteed or expected. We may request documentation to verify emergency cancellations at our discretion.

Insurance and Billing

As the vast majority of insurance companies do not recognize hypnosis, we do not bill insurance companies for services rendered. If client does have an insurance plan that covers hypnosis, they may submit their invoice to their insurance company for reimbursement. The agency will not submit these forms on your behalf. Clients remain responsible for session payments personally, even if intending to submit for reimbursement.


The field of hypnosis is not considered a covered entity within the realm of the Health Insurance Portability & Accessibility Act of 1996 (HIPAA), though records are kept with the highest standards for your privacy. Hypnosis records are subject to subpoena in a criminal or civil case if ordered by a judge. We will not share your information with anyone outside of those directly involved in your sessions unless directed to do so legally with an order by a judge. Every attempt will be made to comply with the privacy of our clients, up to and including requesting to present any information directly to a judge in chambers rather than providing for a court record if allowed to do so by law.

By signing below, you are indicating that you have read and understood all aspects listed in this document and agree to abide by said information. You understand billing practices, scope of practice, and session policies. If one portion of this document is found to be unenforceable, the remainder of the document shall remain in full force.