Welcome to A Little Hypnosis, LLC
A Kink-Aware Hypnosis Provider

This short document is designed to help you prepare for your appointment and answer some commonly asked questions I will also be including billing policies, and information about how I work with clients. 

Cancellation Policy 

As our policy for cancellation is on both our website and the Scope of Practice that you review below, we won’t cover much of that.  We will, however, reiterate that we hold very closely to our cancellation policy.  If you need to cancel your appointment, please do so at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.  While we understand that things do happen and emergency situations arise, the time is blocked specifically for you and we are unable to fill that spot on short notice. 

If you must reschedule, your payment that was made for your appointment can be applied toward the next session provided that the 24 hour policy was adhered to.  Unfortunately, failure to inform us of the cancellation within 24 hours will result in that amount not being applied, as the timeframe of the appointment would not have the ability to be filled. If we must cancel your appointment for an emergency, technical issues, or any other reason, you will automatically be provided with a link to reschedule the appointment at a convenient time.  

Note that there are no refunds as hypnosis is not a results-guaranteed therapy.  Every person will respond differently.  Payment for services is toward the time of your appointment, not a promised result. 

Late Appointments

Please be cognizant of your hypnosis professional’s time.  Many times, our appointments are scheduled back to back, so we may not be able to extend your time as it would run in to an appointment with another client.  Our policy is to wait 10 minutes from the scheduled time of the start of your session.  Failure to log in for your session in that time frame will result in a cancelled appointment.  No refunds are given for late arrivals to the appointment or cancelled appointments. For those that are currently on the Financial Assistance Program, this will also constitute a No Call – No Show and would result in termination of your participation in the program and you will be unable to reapply for that service. If you will be late logging in, please let us know so that we can either plan accordingly or, if there is a conflict following your appointment, reschedule you for a more convenient time. 

Hypnotherapist Selection

Every effort is made to ensure that your hypnotherapist assigned at the time of scheduling is the provider that you will be seeing. On occasion, (usually in the event of emergency, crisis with a previous client, or illness), if your assigned hypnotherapist is not available, you may be seen by another provider on the staff. All hypnotherapy professionals on staff are required to maintain the same certifications and have extensive knowledge in the kink and AB/DL communities. Again, this is a rare occasion, though may occur.


We utilize the software “Google Meet” for all of our sessions.  This program is easy for almost any device to operate, and thus makes it a quality product for our services.  Google Meet is encrypted and secure, ensuring that only you and your provider will have access. If there is an issue with Google Meet, please let us know prior to the appointment.  We also have the option of utilizing another software in rare occasions. 

During the appointment, it is helpful to utilize either a laptop with a webcam or a device that can easily be propped up so that we are able to see your face clearly, your torso and your hands if possible.  (The recommended hand placement will be on your lap.)  You will not be able to hold your device in your hand for this appointment as the somnambulistic state requires extreme relaxation and holding the device would result in either dropping the device or not being able to focus on the intervention itself

It is also recommended that you use wireless headphones for your sound and microphone, though other headphones will be sufficient.  This will allow you to not only hear us and our directions, but also allows us to listen for shifts in breathing, noises, or unconscious murmur while you are in the hypnotic state. 


As our client, we are embarking on a journey together to help you create the change that you desire in your life.  While we are leading with directions and suggestions, the true change is in yourself.  At all times, you are in complete control of yourself.  Many people have seen hypnosis stage shows or seen hypnosis in the media, leading to a lot of false understandings of the hypnotic states of mind, the unconscious mind, and the control that a hypnotist has over their subject. 

In reality, we will serve as your guide, using our knowledge of the unconscious mind and the science of your brain, leading you through exercises that will allow you to have access to those parts of your brain that are hard to reach.  We will never “have control” of your mind, nor can we make you do something that you do not want to do.  This is a partnership, as mentioned before, and we will be working with you to make these changes happen. 

There is no specific “feeling” of hypnosis.  Some might feel like they are in a sleep-like phase, and we often refer to hypnosis as “sleep.”  While this is a state that is similar to REM sleep, it is actually quite the opposite.  Your mind is more focused and awake than it has ever been in the past.  This is where the change really occurs.  Others might feel like they are floating, and my voice or other sound may become distant or even drift away completely.  Rest assured, it is your unconscious mind that I am speaking to and you do not need to consciously hear or listen to what I am saying.  Your unconscious is listening intently and will respond whether you remember it or not. 

Regardless, hypnosis will become easier with each time that you go into this state.  So, while our first appointment might take a while to get you deeply into this state, the second time will be faster.  We are training your brain to go to this state.   

We will be discussing much of this and more during our first session, so if you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  The first hour of your session will be for an assessment, information, and questions. 

We are looking forward to helping you achieve your goals through the amazing power of your unconscious mind!

We Are Aware

of the current issue causing an error when submitting your intake paperwork.  If you receive an error, please disregard. Paperwork is being received at this time. Please do not resubmit the form if an error arises. If information is not received, your hypnotherapist will contact you prior to your appointment.