Choose Session Type for Jayson

Please note, appointments with Jayson are limited as the schedule fills rapidly. If you are unable to find a time to see Jayson, you are welcome to book an appointment with Kenneth. You can find his schedule here.

$80 USD

The Initial Assessment is required for all new clients and any client who has not been seen by the practice in one year. Initial Assessments are 2 Hours long. 

$55 USD

Standard Sessions are only available to clients who have completed their Initial Assessment. Standard sessions are between 60-75 minutes in length.

$75 USD

Ego State Transformation sessions are 75-90 minutes long and will help work with the “parts” of us that are often working against the goals that we’ve set. 

$75 USD

Therapeutic Age Regression is used to heal traumatic incidences from our past that are having a negative effect on our current life. Session length is 75-90 minutes.

Please ensure that you’ve reviewed our Policies prior to booking an appointment.